Why do people love some brands?

Why do some brands generate attention and excitement more than the others? This does not happen over time. And certainly not by chance!

It is no longer about WHAT your brand has to offer. It is about WHY you do, what you do? Hard-facts, Price-points, and jargons do not drive consumer attentiveness. Ideas and strong narratives do.

When you inspire people’s imagination and motivate them to think, you transform their experiences.

That is when consumers start to care!

Today, too much of information is leading into short attention spans amongst customers. It is not easy to get your message across.

That’s where VidZet Media’s experience comes in. We are a boutique media agency that creates transformative brand storytelling by humanizing your brand and connecting with your customers at an emotional and intellectual level.

We believe in telling stories well and elevating brands to the level of ‘Passion Brands’ by purpose-building your story into the communication strategy.



We don’t believe in doing things alone. We listen to your side of the story and co-create your brand’s story with you.

Our team consists of hand-picked specialists like content experts, graphic designers, editors, developers, videographers, writers, and digital marketing experts who have managed brand deliveries globally.

Our teams continue to evolve themselves with the ever-changing digital communication channels and consumption devices. We combine your business objectives with the latest digital trends and custom-create strategies for your brand.

We treat your investments like our own. To help you get the maximum, we track, analyse, and monitor the strategies and report on a monthly basis. All our practices are driven towards maintaining 100 per cent transparency with our partners.

We are a full range media agency with excellent in-house capabilities that enable us to be cost-effective and suitable for all kinds of project needs.


Digital technology has become an intrinsic part of our lives. By 2020, there will be over 2 billion online shoppers globally.

Digital conversations with consumers cannot be unidimensional. Consumers now expect brands to create content and engage with them intelligently and promptly.

According to researches, the average attention span of consumers in 2018 was a mere 12 seconds. Content is the cornerstone of a successful marketing strategy and it is the only thing that can hold the attention of the audiences.

VidZet Media makes your content stick!

Why should you choose VidZet Media for your text needs?

Our process:

a. Research driven and collaborative strategic planning.
b. We synergise your business objectives and suggested strategies.
c. Develop strategized and result driven road maps.
d. We audit your competitors’ content.
e. Deadline driven project management.
f. Analytics and metrics to analyse success.

Our specialisations:

a. In-house concept development, content creation and designing.
b. Specialised, experienced, and professional teams.
c. SEO friendly and original content.

Competitive pricing:

a. Affordable and customized pricing.
b. A la carte pricing


1. Text content:
Credible. Engaging. Tells your story. Meaningful. Inspiring. Well-researched. Effective.

Website content. Blog Articles. Whitepapers. SEO Articles. Academic Writing. Copy Editing. E-books.

2. Visual content:
Original. Branded. Experiential. Inspire conversations and action. Excellent copy, designs, and visuals. Innovative. Retentive. Shareworthy.

a. Graphics:
Logos. Brochures. Flyers. Posters. Social campaigns. Infographics. Print Advertisements. Website Landing Pages. User-Interface designs. HTML5 Banner advertisements.

b. Videos:
Product videos. 2D/3D animation. Slideshows. Motion graphics. Testimonial Videos. Event videos. Social media videos. Interview Videos. Brand Films. Explainer Videos. Testimonials. Product Instruction videos.


Achieve your marketing goals with Video Marketing

Visual content is the most powerful way to communicate about the identity of your brand. Videos help in creating unique narratives that are retentive and experiential. Video marketing means creating engaging visual stories and promoting them digitally through paid campaigns or organically to enable them to reach out to the maximum number of target audiences. …